Cocoa and chocolate products

Natra Cacao – This is Spain's largest manufacturer of cocoa and chocolate products, which has achieved leading status in production and commercialization for the food industry. Its extensive experience and profound knowledge in the sector guarantee that only the finest raw materials are used for its products.

Product list:

Cocoa mass - is the product resulting from roasting, grinding and refining the cocoa beans after cleaning, drying and winnowing.

Application: Chocolate, confectionery, bakery, ice-cream, pastry.

Cocoa butter – is the characteristic fat of the cocoa bean, extracted by hydraulic pressure from the cocoa mass. It is a Pure Prime Pressure butter, thus maintaining all its extraordinary crystallization properties and the natural low fatty acid content of selected cocoa beans. Natra offers different degrees of deodorization in its cocoa butter.

Application: Chocolates, Pastry, ice cream, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Cocoa powder -is the product obtained from grinding the cocoa cake, which is the cocoa mass after hydraulic pressing to reduce the fat content. Natra offers a variety of cocoa powders with different fat content and pH.

Application: Coatings, cream fillings, ice cream, dairy products, cookies, confectionery , desserts, instant cocoas and cookies, chocolates drinks, spreads, sauces, syrups.

Bulk Chocolate – After mixing, refining and choncing our own cocoa raw materials and other selected, controlled and certified ingredients, we obtain a contless variation of chocolates and covertures.

* Dark chocolate

* White chocolate

 * Milk chocolate

 * Sugar free chocolate

Application: Coating and enrobing, panning, cookies, pralines and molding, ice cream.

Chocolate powder – is made out of authentic chocolate, refined and chonched the traditional methods that yield the highest quality flavour and aroma. It is an all natural chocolate that contains sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, defatted cocoa and natural vanilla extract.

* Dark chocolate powder

* White chocolate powder

Application: dry mixes, puddings, mousses, chocolates syrups, chocolate icings, nutritional bars, ice cream, beverages, yogurt.

Organic range – Natra Cacao is certified as a manufacturer of organic products and has a wide range of cocoa derivatives and chocolate products in this category.

Belgian chocolates – Natra's top of the range product – Belgian chocolates, combines the public's tastes with the traditional methods of Belgian chocolate an art.


For more information please contact our sales manager: Janis Kupcs.