Milk bases for drinks

Whatever your idea we can capture it in a drink!

For every marketing idea you can invent, it is possible to create a tailor made product to support it. How? With  state-of-the-art emulsion technology and many years of experience in dairy alcohol combinations. We will support your business wherever your manufacturing or marketing centers are located. 


There has never been a better time to introduce innovative beverages. All you need to do is let your imagination flow, and we will turn your ideas into commercial realities.

Cream liqueurs

Take advantage of our knowledge gained from many years of experience combining the finest velvety cream with distilled spirits or wine. We will show you that there really are no limits to flavour, colour, or texture.

Chocolate liqueurs, without any cream but full of real, rich chocolate. The chocolate stays where it shud be: in the drink and not on the bottom.

There is available two kind of drinks:

White chocolate liqueur
Dark chocolate liqueur

You can take one of these bases and add flavour result will be new drinks, for example, mint, coconut, etc.

Healthy drinks

Capture a slice of the dynamic market for non-alcohol sports, health and nutritional drinks. Together with our suppliers, we can create the delicious, functional beverages that consumers are increasingly seeking.

Prepared cocktails

Ready bottled cocktails are another fast mover, offering low-alcohol content and even sparkling fizzes. 


Imagine a new dimension in drinking pleasure, one that redefines how and when people indulge themselves with either an alcohol or non-alcohol treat. We will create it. 

Non-dairy drinks

It doesn't always need to be dairy-based to be creamy. Your new product can be based on cream of coconut or cocoa butter to name a few. 

Batidas & Piña Coladas

Create a taste of tropical paradise with a thirst quenching, flavourful milk-based alcohol or non-alcohol drink.  

Fruit creams & yoghurt liqueurs

Patented technology makes these low pH beverages mixable. Create new consumption moments by allowing your customers to mix with lemonades, fruit juices or white wine. Just let your imagination flow.


For more information please contact our sales manager: Janis Kupcs.