Egg products

The eggs are widely used and nutritionally valuable product, having a wide variety of functional characteristics. In the production of food products, eggs and products obtained from eggs are used as:
* emulsifiers (egg yolk);
* coagulants (egg white);
* foam makers (egg white):
* etc.

The average weigh of eggs is 62 g, of which 9-11% make the shell, but the remaining part - egg white and yolk. The composition of eggs may vary depending on various factors, including chicken breeds, chicken feed, etc.

Egg yolk makes up about 31% of the whole egg. Before processing egg yolk can contain on average 48% water. The remaining egg yolk mass consists primarily of fats (~ 33%), protein (~ 16%), and little carbohydrates (~ 2%). Egg yolk powder can be used in the production of products such as mayonnaise and sauces, bread and confectionery, pasta, as well as others.

About 58% of the egg makes egg white. Before processing egg white may contain an average 88% of water. Not including the water, egg white is dominated by protein (10%). Egg white contains relatively few carbohydrates (~ 0.8%) and fat (0.2%). Egg white powder can be used in many food products, including in combination with other ingredients as foam maker in foamed sweets (meringue, zephyr), as water binder in fish and meat products, as a binder of all sorts of food products, as well as for structure building in pasta and other products.

We offer following dry egg products to you:
* egg powder (whole egg powder);
* ordinary and termostabil egg yolk powder;
* egg white powder.


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