Food inclusions and toppings

Food inclusions and toppings are widely used in bakery, confectionery, ice-cream, dessert, cereal and snacking products. The product range we offer is vast. Tell us the colour, size, flavour, and texture you require and whether you wish your inclusions to be barrier coated or uncoated we will provide the solution. Our specialist technologies will ensure that your inclusions or decorations will remain stable, whatever the application.

Types of inclusions and toppings:

* Biscuit inclusions - variations of mini biscuits, biscuit crumbles, biscuit balls, available fat coated, chocolate coated, cocoa coated or uncoated in various flavours, including salted, cinnamon and plain digestive.

* Cereal inclusions – wheat, malted cereals and rice cereals are available chocolate coated or uncoated in a variety of flavours. We can even supply gold, silver and bronze coloured cereal inclusions.

* Confectionery inclusions - traditional gelatine gums and pectin jellies, candy coated chocolates and popcorn toffee.

* Fruit and Berry inclusions – variations of dried fruit and berries inclusions and fruit purees  coated in white, plain or milk chocolate. Our fruit inclusions comprise coated raisins, coated ginger pieces, and coated fruit balls and spheres filled with tasty freeze-dried blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry.

* Hard caramel inclusions and toffee inclusions — sugar candy brittle, crunchy toffees, butter crocant and delicious butterscotches, available in a variety of shapes and sizes including chips, balls and spheres.

* Honeycomb inclusions - honeycomb powder or honeycomb chips in a variety of sizes. Our honeycomb inclusions are chocolate coated, chilli infused or uncoated. They add a crunchy texture to confectionery products, ice creams, snack bars and chilled or frozen desserts.

* Marshmallow inclusions  - are available in a range of colours and even sugar free marshmallow pieces, in standard and vegetarian varieties.

* Meringue inclusions - an assortment of light, crunchy meringue inclusions. Available as meringue chips and meringue drops, they come coated or uncoated in a range of flavours including strawberry and chocolate.

* Popping candy inclusions - fizzy granules, chocolate covered popping candy and fruit flavoured popping candy inclusions.

* Soft caramel inclusions -  soft fudge cubes, buttery fudge balls, chocolate coated spheres and chewy caramel balls, available in an assortment of colours and flavours.

* Coloured sugar inclusions - coloured sugar inclusions and sugar granules are available in many vibrant colour choices – yellow sugar granules, red sugar granules, pink sugar granules, blue sugar granules and green sugar granules.

* Flavoured sugar inclusions - flavoured sugar inclusions and flavoured sugar granules are available as mouth-watering fruit flavoured sugar granules, as well as coffee flavoured sugar granules – even Mojito and Cosmopolitan flavours!


For more information please contact our sales manager: Kristīne Kalniņa.