The spice extracts are available as pure extracts but liquid spice blends based on these extracts are also available. We offer spice, herb, hop, and vegetable extracts for use in food and beverage applications.

The products can be used in:

* Chocolate products
* Dairy products
* Meat products
* Desserts
* Ice cream
* Oil products
* Vegetable processing
* Mayonnaise and salad dressings
* Ketchup and barbecue sauce.

The products are available in a variety of forms:

Aquaresin® are dispersible in both oil and water. This characteristic is exclusive to Aquaresins®. When used in emulsions, pungency is delivered to both the oil and water phase. This may amplify the perception of heat and allow for reduced dosage rates as compared to oleoresins.

Oleoresin® are dispersible only in oil.

We also offer a range of liquid and dry sterilized seasonings covering the total need for spice ingredients in the dairy, spread and other food industries. Liquid seasonings and dry sterilized seasonings may be used in combination or separately according to the product requirements. The Liquid Seasonings consist of various blends of spice extracts giving both flavour and colour to the final product.

There are more than 3,000 different types of cheese currently known in the world. People are creating new types of cheese every day. Cheese has become one of the most popular food items in the world. Also by Latvians. The Latvian consumers love cheese and use it both in everyday life and special occasions. To complement the cheese range available for the Latvian population we offer three different ways to enrich, improve and diversify Latvian’s favorite cheeses.


HelaSept / HelaTherm herbs

Hela provide organic dairy plants with a large number of organic herbs, guaranteeing continuity and constant product quality. With HelaSept product range, the dairy industry can make sure that colour and taste of fresh milk-based products remain intact. With HelaSept, the manufacturers are having spectacular success in the production of hard, sliced and soft cheese. HelaSept solves all sensory, visual and bacteriological problems that arise when using additional products such as herbs, vegetables or meat.

We offer more than 25 kinds of herbs and spice mixes, such as pepper & garlic, pesto, colorful pepper mix, summer vegetable mix, tomato & basil, ham & pineapple, garden greens and so on.

Process requirements: Take 5 - 10% HelaSept / HelaTherm herbs and add to cheese grains, which are separated of most of the whey. Carefully stir and continue your normal daily production process. Get spicy cheese!

Hela Surface herbs

The newest type of herbs developed by Hela technologists. If you want to produce cheese with new flavours, but do not want the herbs are incorporated into the cheese, then this is the solution - you can apply the herbs on the surface of the cheese. Spice / herb coating will not only give a new visual appearance, but also a new taste. Since Hela Surface herbs types are still under development, you are welcome to participate in the development of a new flavor ideas.

Currently we offer four types:

Green coating;
Black pepper coating;
Paprika coating;
Mexican spices coating.

Process requirements: It's quite simple! Take ripened cheese, whole or cut into smaller pieces, and apply Hela Surface to the surface. Carefully spread it and let it dry. Duration of drying process depends on the temperature of the room and ventilation. Usually Hela Surface herbs dry within 24 hours at room temperature. After drying, the cheese can be safely cut into slices and packed.

Hela flavour nets

This is the simplest way to give a new flavor of the cheese. Hela flavour nets are edible polyester nets treated with natural flavorings that will enrich the cheese flavour during the ripening process.


For more information please contact our sales manager: Kristīne Kalniņa.