Meat cultures

NEO offers a wide range of starter cultures for color, texture and flavor development and to maintain microbiological quality of meat products.

Our meat cultures can be divided into four groups:

* Traditional starter cultures that are used for southern European-style sausages and traditional northern European-style sausages, in production of which the fermentation lasts longer than 30 h and the end pH ranges from 4.8-5.0. Following startup culture The maximum fermentation temperature for this kind of starter cultures is 24 C.

* Starter cultures for fast fermentation. The main difference is their activity, their capacity is to carry out fermentation up to pH 5.3 in time period less than 30 h, it provides rapid adverse of unfavorable microflora and a faster production process.

* Starter cultures for sausages acidified with chemical acidifier Gdl (E 575), it will improve hte product's characteristics of taste and aroma and promote reductase of nitrates, which provide a stable and good color.

* Mold cultures for coating of fermented sausages. Mold present on traditional sausages prevents mytoxin formation by wild molds. It allows for uniform drying and contributes positively towards flavor.

* Bioprotective cultures for fermented sausages - have the ability to control listeria at the same time as they perform as classic starter cultures for fermented sausages.

All natural solutions – label friendly
Higher safety due to the extra protective barrier
Listeria protection
Fresher appearance towards the end of shelf life


For more information please contact our sales manager: Atis Dālderis.