The three groups, marketed under the names:

NATUREN (calf and bovine rennet);
CHY-MAX, have varying characteristics with regard to proteolytic activity, heat lability and sensitivity to changes in pH, temperature and CaCl2.

NATUREN - Animal rennet.

The traditional and well known animal rennet, providing reliability in the production and high quality in the final product. NATUREN is extracted from the abomasum or fourth stomach of calves or adult bovines. High-chymosin rennet is extracted from vells of young calves, whereas a high content of bovine pepsin is obtained from vells of adult bovines. Due to its inherent clotting capability, calf chymosin is commonly considered the ideal enzyme for cheesemaking. Bovine pepsin also has a high clotting ability, but it is more sensitive to variations in the milk quality. NATUREN is available in liquid, powder and tablets.

The characteristics of NATUREN are:
* Highly specific proteolytic activity
* High cheese yield
* Balanced maturation of the cheese
* Approved for regional cheese types (Appelation d´Origine Protégée)

CHY-MAX - Fermentation produced chymosin.

CHY-MAX is a range of fermentation produced chymosin products. The production organism is Aspergillus niger var. awamori, a mould which has a long history of safe use for the production of food grade enzymes. During fermentation, the active enzyme is secreted into the fermentation liquid from which it is purified, standardised, sterile filtered and subjected to thorough quality control. The CHY-MAX range consists of products with a high degree of purity. The chymosin enzyme is completely identical to the natural calf enzyme. CHY-MAX is available in liquid and powder form. The characteristics of CHY-MAX are:

* High milk-clotting activity
* Optimal development of flavour and texture
* The highest cheese yield
* Kosher certification
* Vegetarian approved

 MICROLANT - Microbial coagulant produced by fermentation.

The active enzyme is a protease of the mould Mucor miehei which is produced by natural fermentation. The MICROLANT range consists of two main product types:

* Those with a high heat stability, primarily used for cheeses with a short period of maturation, and in the processes where the whey is not used as an ingredient in other food products
* Those containing modified enzymes, giving a lower heat stability and therefore primarily used for cheeses with medium to long periods of maturation, and where the whey is used for further processing

The MICROLANT range is available in liquid and powder form. The characteristics of MICROLANT products are:

* Accepted substitute for animal rennet
* Kosher certification
* Vegetarian approved.


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