There is available a variety of flavourings reaching excellent quality standards and meeting producer’s needs. We offer different types and forms of high quality flavourings for all range of food products:

* Soft drinks (juices, lemonades, energy drinks, flavoured waters etc.)
* Dairy products (ice-cream, yoghurts, milk drinks, fromage frais etc.)
* Sugar and bakery confectionery (hard boiled candies, caramel/Toffee, jellies, bakery etc.)
* Alcoholic beverages (spirits, alcoholic cocktails etc.)
* Savory products (including snacks)
* Fine food (sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup etc.)

Based on our several years experience we offer:

* Fruit / berry flavourings
* Spice mixes
* Smoke flavourings
* Process flavourings (ham, coffee, iris, caramel etc.)
* Compounds

Choose most suitable one for your production from below listed flavouring forms:

* Liquid
* Paste
* Emulsions
* Absorbate - liquid on the outside of the powder particle
* Spray dried - liquid on the inside of the powder particles
* Vacuum dried - mainly process flavourings - in general a more granular type of powder
* Dry blended powders - mix of powder products which could contain any of the aforementioned powders

The flavourings are available in different size of packaging, aseptic as well.

For your kind attention our offered flavourings are classified in:

* Extracts
* Natural base flavours
* Natural identical flavours
* Artificial

Would you like to give unique flavour for your product? In co-operation with flavouring producers we will obtain it under your request.

Natural dairy flavourings

Our dairy flavorings offer advantages like a standardized flavor profile, reduced raw material costs, better mouth feel, masking off flavors, flavor profile enhancement and contribution of signature flavor notes.

Applying dairy cultures and dairy enzymes, using dairy raw materials like milk, cream and cheese and selecting process conditions according to dairy practice allows us to provide dairy flavours of high and genuine quality, i.e. with a flavour profile as close as possible to the one found in the comparable dairy product.

The main basic types of dairy flavourings are:

* Cream flavourings - Fermented, non-fermented.
* Cream flavourings are made by enzyme modification and sometimes also fermentation of cream. Enzyme modification will lead to pure cream flavour, whereas the inclusion of a lactic acid fermentation may add buttermilk or creme fraiche/sour cream notes. Very delicate flavour profiles may be obtained this way.

* Butter flavourings - Top note, basic note, basic and top note.
Top-note butter flavourings - basically the "smell" of butter - are based on various distillates of fermented milk, whereas basic-note varieties - the "mouthfeel" of butter - takes its starting point in enzyme modified butter fat or cream.

* Cheese flavourings - Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Parmesan, Blue cheese.
The main raw material will be the cheese in question. Careful processing with combinations of enzymes and special dairy cultures will lead to the flavour profile desired.

* Yoghurt flavourings - These are normally formulated flavour products combined of selected distillates and natural flavourings.


For more information please contact our sales manager: Kristīne Kalniņa.