Vegetable fats and oils

NEO presents world known company Aarhuskarlshamn (AAK) in Latvia and Lithuania. Available product range is Dairy Fat Alternatives which is high quality vegetable fat products, with specific characteristics to fulfil the requirements of the various dairy applications. They can be used as complement or as replacers to milk fat.

With DFA products the same quality of the finished product can be reached as when milk fat is used.

The main possibilities of our DFA's are:

* Improved nutritional profile
* Reduced raw material cost
* No or very small investment is needed – the existing dairy equipment can be used
* New product properties can be introduced

From a nutritional point of view, vegetable oils usually contain less saturated fatty acids and of course more unsaturated fatty acids compared to milk fat. They also minimize the amount of cholesterol in the product. Our offered DFA products are designed to satisfy both the nutritional aspects and the functional properties of a fat for dairy application.

High - quality oils for high-quality products. We now conclude our series of articles on fresh oils by looking into how the quality of the oil affects the taste of some finished food products.


For more information please contact our sales manager: Janis Kupcs.