• Flavourings +


    The key to your business achievements is that you choose your own flavouring to create a product that is your very own!

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  • Vegetable fats and oils +

    Vegetable fats and oils

    Top quality vegetable fats and oils, which gives you the ability to increase the nutritional value of products, change their physical properties and, of course, reduce product costs. We will help you to improve the recipes to achieve better results.

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  • Starches +


    We offer natural and modified starches for various applications, as well as products derived from starches like dextrose, maltodextrin, etc.

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  • Natural food colors +

    Natural food colors

    The natural colour concept will enforce the image of quality and environmental awareness to a food product. The visual appearance of a product will set your product apart from your competitors' products.

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  • Coagulants +


    We offer a full range of coagulants, divided into three main groups: animal rennet and two categories produced by fermentation, microbial and chymosin. The two latter groups are approved for use in kosher and vegetarian products.

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  • Meat cultures +

    Meat cultures

    Meat cultures for fermented sausages, dried and salted meat products. We offer traditional cultures, cultures for fast fermentation, for sausages and mold cultures.

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  • Spices +


    We offer extracts of spices on the oil base, different mixtures of spices in the form of the solution and dry spices and their mixtures.

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  • Dairy cultures +

    Dairy cultures

    NEO Inc. has a broad range of cultures and enzymes to help you improve the quality and health benefits of your fermented-milk products.

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  • Cocoa and chocolate products +

    Cocoa and chocolate products

    Together with the accumulated knowledge and experience in the sector we offer cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and industrial chocolate, chocolate powder, etc.

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  • Caramel products +

    Caramel products

    Discover our comprehensive range of aromatic caramels, caramel colours, burnt sugars and a growing portfolio of caramel specialties !

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  • Wheat products +

    Wheat products

    Using VIOGERM ® wheat germ offered by us, you have the opportunity to raise the product's functionality and improve its taste. Wheat germ is most often used in production of chocolate, pasta, pastries, breads and muesli. It is also an ideal binding agent in desserts and fruit cakes.

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  • Food inclusions and toppings +

    Food inclusions and toppings

    We provide innovative solutions for the application of inclusions and toppings - call us the product you want to decorate and it’s desirable qualities, and we get supplements that will make your product stand out in today's diverse product range.

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  • Milk quality tests +

    Milk quality tests

    Neo offers specific milk analysis test kits to quickly and accurately detect beta-lactam (e.g., penicillin, ampicillin etc.) antibiotic residuals in milk.

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  • Egg products +

    Egg products

    We offer dry egg products: egg powder, ordinary and the termostabil egg yolk powder, as well as a variety of egg white powders.

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  • Stabilizers and emulsifiers +

    Stabilizers and emulsifiers

    Stabilizers and emulsifiers have many functions in foods ... stabilizers can act as thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers, but emulsifiers have a big effect on the structure and texture of many foods. We offer a full range of emulsifiers and stabilizers, as well as integrated blends.

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  • Milk bases for drinks +

    Milk bases for drinks

    Excellent cream liqueurs, ready bottled cocktails, fruit creams, yoghurt liqueurs and health drinks.

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  • Ingredients and additives for meat and meat products +

    - boiled sausages, boiled ham;
    - cooked salami;
    - pâté;
    - cooked ham;
    - salami;
    - grill and barbecue spices;
    - grill and barbecue spices for fish

  • Allergen detection tests +

    Allergen detection tests

    We offer rapid allergen detection tests Reveal 3-D, with the help of which it is possible to qualitatively detect the presence of allergens in food products, on the surfaces of equipment or in rinsing waters without the need for additional equipment. 

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  • Sanitation Monitoring System +

    Sanitation Monitoring System

    NEOGEN®'s AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) is a complete sanitation monitoring system comprising a handheld instrument, innovative samplers, with which it is possible to collect samples for surface, hard to test surfaces and water, and data manager software, designed to verify your cleaning processes by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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  • 1


Acidophylus bacteria                            Lactose 
Ammonium phosphatides E442             Liquid smoke
Annato E160b                                       Locust bean gum E 410
Anthocyanin E 163 Luttein E 161b
Antibiotic tests for milk Lycopene E 160d
B Maize starch
Beta - carotene E 160a Maize starch, modified
Beetroot red E 162 Maltodextrin
Bifido bacteria Mesophilic lactic acid bacteria
Burnt sugar Milk drink bases
  Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids E 471
Calcium chloride E509 N 
Caramel E 150 a,d,c Natural flavourings
Caramel flakes  
Caramel fillings P
Carboxymethylcellulose E466 Paprika extract E 160c
Carmine, Cochineal E 120  Palm oil
Carrageenan E 407 Pectins E 440
Cheese powders Polyglycerol polyricinoleate E476
Chocolate Polyphosphates E 452
Chocolate powder Potato fibres
Cholorophylls E 141 Potato starch
Cocoa powder, alkalised Potato starch, modified
Cocoa powder, natural  Protective cultures for meat industry
Coconut oil  
Colours, natural R
Confectionery and Ice-cream inclusions Rapeseed oil
Cream drink bases   
Cream liqueur bases S
Cream drink bases Seasonings
Cultures for fermented products  Seasoning mixes 
Curcumin E 100 Sodium alginate E 401
  Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose E 466
D Soy bean oil
Dairy cultures  Spice extracts
Dairy fat alternatives Stabilizers
Dairy flavours Starter cultures for meat industry
Dill weed oil T
  Tapioca starch
E Tapioca starch, modified
Egg powder (whole egg) Thermophylic lactic acid bacteria
Egg white powder  Thickeners
Egg yolk powder Trisodium citrate E331
Emulsions for drinks V 
Enzymes Vegetable carbon E 153
Essential oils  Vegetable fats and oils
F W 
Flavourings Wheat germ
  Wheat starch
Garlic oil X 
Gelatine Xanthan gum E 415
Gellan gum E 418  
Guar gum E 412 Y
  Youghurt drink bases
 L Youghurt liqueurs bases
Lactic acid bacteria   

Our Team

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Jānis Kupčs

Head of Food department

Vegetable fats and oils
Milk bases for drinks

Indra Rūsiņa-Bedre

Sales representative - technologist

Coagulants | Milk cultures | Milk quality tests


Kristīne Kalniņa

Sales representative - technologist

Flavourings | Spices | Cocoa
Caramel | Inclusions and toppings | Wheat products


Laura Roķe

Sales representative - technologist

Food colors | Stabilizers and emulsifiers
Starches | Egg products


Una Līce

Order processing


Ginta Eberharde

Projects coordinator


Santa Mičure

Sales representative - technologist

Ingredients and additives for meat and meat products | Meat cultures


Līga Indriksone

Sales representative - technologist

Allergen detection tests

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